Roof Cleaning

A thorough, professional roof clean is one of the best ways you can upgrade the look and health of your home especially if you're looking to sell. Depending on the style and composition.The Dirt Hunter may employeither a Soft wash or Pressure clean approach.

Roof Washing Benefits and Value

  1. Significantly improve the overall appearance of your roof, making it look like new
  2. Reduces health and respiratory problem stemming from dirt, mold, and lichen filled roofs.
  3. Improve the life expectancy of your roof
  4. Realtors agree that cleaning your roof increases prospect interest and property value, especially if you're looking to sell.
  5. 100% Satisfation Gaurenteed.

"Through regular maintenance you can drastically improve the life expectancy of your roof"

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" Realtors agree that Roof Cleaning your property increases potential prospects and property value, especially if you're looking to sell. "

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Roof Washing FAQ's

Damages to roof and tiles

  • 1. Will your Roof Washing chemicals kill mold, fungus, moss, lichen?

    Yes, our chemicals are specifically designed to eliminate unwanted organic matter on your roof.

  • 2. Will Roof cleaning damage the surface of my roof?

    No, depending on the type of roof you may have e.g. Slate, Tile, concrete, Metal etc we may employ either the soft wash approach or a pressure cleaning approach.

  • 3. Will your chemicals kill my plants or harm my animals?

    No, our chemical treatments will not kill your plants and are biodegradable.

  • 4. Why should I have my Roof Washed?

    If left unmanaged or untreated, dirt, mold, guano and lichen start attaching themselves to the roof and deteriorating the surface and paint reducing your roofs life span and vigor which most likely will require an earlier restoration or repainting.

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