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The Dirt Hunter are specialist in Gutter Cleaning for residential/commercial properties and buildings. We use the latest portable vacuum units as well as the traditional method by hand and leaf blower for those hard to reach areas. Our gutter cleaners are experienced with all types of buildings from residential, commercial, industrial, real estate rentals, government buildings, public schools, private schools, rentals, and aged care homes, private and public hospitals.

"Cleaning your gutters is essential part of storm and fire prevention of your property"

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

  1. Inspect the Gutters and remove obstacles that may get in our way
  2. Take Gutter Cleaning "Before Photos".
  3. Leaf blow the roof of all loose debris*
  4. Clear roof valleys of built up debris
  5. Gutter cleaning.
  6. Down pipe cleaning.
  7. Hose and water test: Make sure gutters and down pipe are flowing
  8. Take Gutter Cleaning "After Photos".
gutter cleaning
gutter cleaning
gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Benefits and Value

  1. Eliminate the risk/spread of Fire, Pests and Flooding from blocked gutters and down pipes.
  2. Proof of Service in the form of "Before and after photos"
  3. Safety knowing you have insured professionals performing the service with complaint safety systems.
  4. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Eliminate the risk/spread of Fire, Pests, and Flooding from blocked gutters and down pipes"

Cleaning Roof Gutters

The Relaxed Method of Cleaning Roof Gutters

The cleaning of gutters is like the game of chess: the moves look easy, but once playing has started, the complexity of all the permutations soon overwhelms the casual homeowner and cleaning the roof gutters becomes a mountainous task that is always left for next weekend.

The Importance Of Roof Gutter Cleaning


Gutters serve a singularly simple purpose: channel rainwater falling on the roof to prepared dispersal points, being either into storage tanks or run-off along the ground into drains. The inevitable fact exists that just like the water, everything that falls on the roof also ends up in the gutter. Leaves, dust, dead birds and tennis balls all come to rest there.

  • A clogged gutter cannot do its work, which usually results in the water overflowing the gutter's sides. Water, however, has the irritating habit of not flowing where it does the least damage, so the overflow will probably be towards the building, thereby causing gradual water damage to the roof and wall, eventually penetrating to the inside, where it will require serious repairs and expensive damp sealing.
  • It is not only the dead birds that smell terrible and are a health risk, but also the composting leaves that will attract a myriad of insects that both feed on and hatch inside the warm, moist mulch. This, in turn, can attract snakes and other unwanted wildlife, who now have a source of food and will take up residence inside the roof.
  • The really fantastic occurrence is when sufficient nutrients in the gunk accumulate in the gutters for tree seeds to germinate and grow into little bonsai, but usually with considerably invasive root systems that soon attack the roof structure and consume the house from the top.


Nature certainly does not like gutters, which is why we must keep them clean ourselves, for otherwise, she has her revenge. Luckily, there is the possibility of vacuum gutter cleaning, which sounds like real fun.

House gutter

Tips for Planning a Gutter Cleaning System


Obviously, it is quite within the handy homeowner's scope; if this is the chosen route, some preparation is required and things to consider before tackling the job. Here are just a few points to ruminate on:

  • Getting up there. Easily done with a ladder. The rub is having a ladder that is both sturdy enough to carry the weight of the worker and all the necessary equipment for an effective cleaning operation and sufficient length to allow safe access to all points along the entire length of the gutter. Doable. However, the next requirement is finding someone who is not afraid of heights or rickety ladders to climb up while carrying all the equipment.
  • Safety and liability. A homeowner who climbs up the ladder only puts himself at risk of injury. Still, once an employee is coerced into doing the menial task up there, the world of personal injury litigation starts smiling, for surely cleaning the gutters is not in the job description of the shop’s bookkeeper. There is also damage to the expensive gutters to consider, or windows, cars and pets when inexperience is at work.
  • A job well done. Cleaning gutters is more than just scooping out dead leaves and birds. Once the debris accumulates for a few weeks, then moss and other study-worthy proto-plants start growing on and in the gutters. These must also be removed, for they will damage the gutters over time and impede the free flow of water and act as catch points for new debris to build up and quickly clog the gutter again.


No doubt, it has now been surmised that the DIY cleaning of gutters is not for just everyone, which is why we suggest you engage the services of a professional gutter cleaner.

Gutter cleaning services

Why You Should Use the Dirt Hunter

We are professionals who do residential and commercial gutter cleaning in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We do the work while you relax by the pool with the grandkids because, with us, you are assured of the following:

  • We know what we are doing because we are BAS and NDIS approved contractors. We have full liability insurance, and every one of us has been police checked and cleared. As a registered company with an ABN, we are BAS and NDIS approved contractors.
  • We will always arrive fully equipped for the job because you took us up on our offer of an in situ free measure and quote. Our equipment is water efficient, and we strive not to make a bigger mess than the initial state of the gutters, meaning we clean your gutters, clean up after ourselves, and dispose of all the rubbish responsibly.
  • Our equipment includes portable gutter vacuum cleaners for sucking up dry leaves and leaf blowers for herding leaves into heaps. A pressure washer is available, but we will literally do so with brushes when it comes down to getting our hands dirty.
    Finally, we are not afraid of heights, and our ladders are not rickety. We go up there and do the job, good and clean. Then we check and test the whole gutter system for efficiency.


Gold Coast gutter cleaning, as well as Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, is our business. We keep the water flowing with our superior service as commercial and house gutter cleaners. Contact us for more information and a free quote.

Trusted Clients

Some of our valuable clients

"Safety knowing you have insured professionals performing the service with complaint safety fall arrest systems and safe work practices. "

What Our Clients Say

Gutter Cleaning FAQ's

  • 1. Does my insurance cover damages to my home if I'm aware that my gutters are blocked but don't clean them?

    Our advice is that, don’t take the chance to find out after and contact your existing insurance provider. In our experience with customers trying to claim after flooding of their gutters is that they did not receive any cover due to their own negligence.

  • 2. How does water get into my house if the gutters are outside?

    Gutters control the flow of rainwater. When neglected and blocked, the downpipes have nowhere to drain. So the water instead has nowhere to go but up and then over flows just where you would see the roof over hang onto your gutters entering your property.

  • 3. Where else can issues arise from blocked gutters?

    A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris will not only cause your fascia’s and eaves to rot but will allow water to back up into your roof, resulting in water damage to your home. This damage can present itself in a number of different locations, including your roof, walls, ceilings and even your landscape.

  • 4. What do gutters and pests have in common?

    Clogged-up gutters also make a nice home for pests, mold, and other nastiest, so ensure the health of your family and keep your gutters debris free.

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