External House Washing

The Dirt Hunter uses efficient and safe soft washing practices to restore your business or property to its original look. We will remove years of accumulated dirt, grime, mold, mildew, fungi, pollen, bat guano and debris from its surfaces in a cost-effective without the need of repainting.

"Eliminates Mold, Algae, Fungi, Grime, Dirt, Mildew, Fungi, Pollen and Insect Residues "

Our House Washing Process

  1. Inspect the property and remove any surrounding physical obstacles such as pot plants, toys, chairs, tables and cobwebs.
  2. Take House Washing "Before photos".
  3. Spray our biodegradable chemical to loosen up any existing dirt, grime, mold, mildew, fungi, pollen bat guano, bird droppings or debris.
  4. Soft Washing - Our advanced chemical soft washing method cleans houses effortlessly while also avoiding water damage to sensitive surfaces with the aid of a Soft brush and a rinse down.
  5. Take House Washing "After photos"

Trusted Clients

Some of our valuable clients

"Realtors agree that house washing your property increases potential prospects and property value, especially if you're looking to sell. "

What Our Clients Say

House washing FAQ's

  • 1. Will your House Washing chemicals kill mold, fungus, moss, lichen?

    Yes, our chemicals are specifically designed to eliminate unwanted organic matter.

  • 2. Will Soft Washing damage the surface of my house?

    No, soft washing is perfectly safe to use on painted surfaces if it’s done right. In fact, soft washing is one of the most effective ways to protect paint coatings and extend its life for years to come.

  • 3. Will your chemicals kill my plants or harm my animals?

    No, our chemical treatments will not kill your plants and are biodegradable.

  • 4. Why should I have my House Washed instead of being repainted?

    Just like you would wash your car regular, in most cases all a house needs is a wash to uncover the paints original colour and luster. Why spend thousands when you can pay a tenth of the cost for the same results?

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